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Rooiklip Nursery - Our company

Rooiklip nursery grows mainly SA water wise plants that are tolerant to dry conditions and needs little water.

We specialize in growing mostly SA Aloes and the Sunbird aloe range, but also aloes from other countries such as Africa, Madagascar and the Arabian countries.

We also breed and stock a very wide variety of Succulents and Cycads. Rooiklip Nursery is a specialized plant grower and seller.

Rooiklip also specialize in the breeding of unique Clivia plants that are distinguish by their flowers, in terms of color and flowering time as well as leaf form.

We are a registered CITES nursery.

  • Rare and Endangered Plants
  • More than 10,000 Aloes
  • A range of Suculents larger than what can be counted
  • 2000+ Cycads

Our Nursery

The Nursery is set in the heart of the Cape Floral Kingdom.


The Cape floral Kingdom region is a biodiversity hotspot that comprises of 13 protected areas. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site inscription - 2004


The public is welcome to visit the Aloe barn at the nursery where plants are on display.We have a large exhibition center where a very large range of rare and beautiful plants are on display.

Conservation through Propagation

Conserving nature and all it holds is something that is close to all our hearts at Rooiklip. We believe in conservation through propagation and therefore it brings us pleasure to ensure rare plant lines are multiplied.

Aan de Bergen Guesthouse



On the nursery grounds is a guesthouse where guest can come and enjoy not only the spectacular plant diversity of Rooiklip Nursery but also the historic town of Swellendam. With mountains, flowers and cycads as far as the eye can see the views all around are breathtakingly beautiful.

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